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Wellness Favors to Help you Celebrate your Big Day

Wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for their love and support throughout your lives, and especially on your wedding day. It’s a huge day of celebration, tears, good food, and lots of dancing. By the end of it all, there’s no doubt you and your guests will be eager to crash and may need a recovery day or two.

That’s why wellness favors are the perfect way to say “thank you.” After all, we know favors more often than not end up in the trash. Giving your guests something they can enjoy immediately after your wedding makes sure that nothing goes to waste and the favors will be well appreciated. 

The best part about most wellness favors is how easy they are to DIY. They’re super cost-efficient and you can customize them to match your floral and event design. Check out these easy recipes and other wellness gift ideas to help celebrate your i-dos.


In collaboration with Zola.

Wellness Favors

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