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Wedding Trend Report 2017

Here’s my Wedding Trend report for 2017:

To expand on that: I recently got lost in a google search called “wedding trends 2017.” The links on the first page of google (which we all know are the most relevant links) were from Bridal Guide, Vogue, The Knot, Brides, Style Me Pretty, The Today Show, and Huffington Post.

I saved you time and compiled their lists into one giant list, that apparently, is all the wedding trends for 2017, straight from the experts mouths to your pinterest boards:

Metallic Dresses / Breezy dresses / Blue dresses / Pink dresses

White bridesmaids dresses / Black bridesmaids dresses

Cascading Bouquets / big bouquets / small bouquets

Traditional tiered cakes / naked cakes

dessert buffets / passed desserts

Neutral color palettes / bold color

Unforgettable entrances / grand getaways

Hanging flowers / elevated centerpieces

Plated dinners / food truck dinners

As you can see, for every trend a wedding pro stated, another wedding pro said the complete opposite.

The point is, you do you. Your wedding decor isn’t going to look like it’s still in style twenty years from now. No matter how much money you spend or how talented your designer is. That’s impossible. Your kids are going to laugh at your wedding photos no matter what “wedding trends for 2017” blog post you read.

Don’t worry about what’s trendy, or not trendy, or cool, or not cool. Pick your flowers, food, decor, music, stationery, and venue based on if you like it or not. Just how you buy your clothes, sheets, furniture, donuts, and art for your home.

Do you like it? Buy it.

Don’t like it? Forget about it.

I was recently having a conversation with a client about a certain decor element they really wanted. They said: “but isn’t that SO TRENDY?” Emphasis on the absolute atrocity it would be to use an idea all over pinterest for her wedding ten months from now. My response, to put it eloquently, was: “who cares.” Your wedding guests have not been deep in the internet looking at weddings for the past six months. They are going to be impressed with whatever decor/flowers/desserts you show them. I mean, the wedding is definitely not about impressing your guests with your money/taste/famous vendors you’ve hired, it’s about being a good host and providing for their needs – hunger/thirst/boredom with yummy food/good drinks/fun decor.

So, couples, please do not loose sleep over trying to reinvent the wheel with your wedding.




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