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Wedding DIY projects with the EasyPress 2

Wedding DIY projects are a hot topic around the industry. Either you hate them (most wedding vendors), love them (DIY bloggers), or are in-between (pretty much all couples), I’m sure you will encounter some form of wedding DIY in your planning process.

My best advice for wedding DIY projects are to make them: A) completely unique to your wedding, B) as fast as possible, and C) as impactful as possible. No one wants to get wrapped up in a project that will take 40 hours without any big impact.

When Cricut sent me their new EasyPress 2 in two fun sizes, I went right to my napkin stash to try some wedding DIY Projects.

Napkins are a spot on the table that doesn’t see a lot of DIY action. They are relatively cheap to rent and all end up getting dirty. BUT – they are also equally as inexpensive to purchase in bulk and a perfect piece of real estate for some iron-on action.

First, I used the new EasyPress 2 in the big size: 10″ x 12″. This thing is hefty. It makes ironning on larger designs twice as fast as the previously smaller EasyPress. And what did I say above? The faster the DIY the better. Cricut thought of everything this time around and designed a custom easypress mat to do all your pressing on. No more dingy bathroom towels under all my projects!

The larger surface area of the 10″ x 12″ EasyPress 2 was big enough to cover this entire geometric triangle design.

Next, I tried out the teeny EasyPress 2 baby. At 6″ x 7″, this thing is perfect for smaller iron projects. I designed a napkin that doubles as a place card. Another rule of DIYing: try to make your projects do double duty. Every napkin at this wedding would potentially be decorated with a custom glitter iron-on of each guest’s name to mark their seats.

The materials used on these projects:



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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