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Wedding at the Bowery Hotel | Alison and Andrew

A wedding at the Bowery Hotel was the perfect way to spend a warm summer day last year. Allison and Andrew were married in a whimsical, beautiful wedding surrounded by dahlias, sunflowers, and freesia.

Their chuppah, styled in front of the grand fireplace at the Bowery Hotel, was decorated with kitchy props that reflected their personalities, travels, and hobbies. It was such a cute idea! Scroll down to see how we hung them on the chuppah to seamlessly blend in with their wedding flowers. I can confidently say that this was, and probably will be, the only wedding with a hand weight, cowboy hat, wooden spoon, and chopsticks on their chuppah.

Thumbs up to everyone doing things their own way.

Photos by A Heart String Wedding Co.

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