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Top 15 Geometric Lanterns

One look at this website and it’s obvious: I love geometrics. Anything with straight lines, angles, and sharp points is the butter on my bread. Which means, I’ve been a happy camper since geometrics in weddings has become all the rage. It’s the coolest thing on the block. Geometric everything is all over the web. Triangle escort cards, hexagon backdrops, and my favorite: geometric lanterns. I recently decorated a huge (340 guests!) wedding in the Hamptons that was all about the geometric lantern. We used #5 for the votives, #14 to line the aisle, and something similar to #2 for the pillars on the tables.

You know how many hours it took me to source the perfect geometric lanterns for this wedding? Approximately 3.5 episodes of Orange is the New Black. I practically went on every single home decor website on in the world. Yes, THE WORLD, #10 will be shipped to you directly from the UK. And thanks to Brexit, they are probably cheaper then when I purchased a few last month. Lucky you!

So, here ya go. My top 15 Geometric Lanterns for your purchasing pleasure. Use them with candles. Make terrariums in them. Keep them simple by adding one airplant for an industrial garden feeling.

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  1. Rotem says:

    How much for 1 piece? Just to understand the concept ..

  2. Staci says:

    Hi there,

    Any chance you would know where to find a geometric cake stand?


  3. Claire says:

    Please can you send me the prices for the Geometric Lanterns.
    Thank you!

  4. Monica says:

    Awesome want to re-sell now???? Im planning a wedding with them as centerpieces lit up with fairy lights and babies breath, etc….

  5. Madeline Montes says:

    Por favor enviarme los precios del numero 11 y12

  6. Elsa DHIMAS says:

    Hi Michelle i live in Lebanon,the mariage of my daughter is the 1st of july. I want to Know the price if i want to by for 39 tables the brass ( the différent shapes) And the Number 15 ? Tanks.

  7. Elsa DHIMAS says:

    N.B i didn’t see the LinkedIn underground the picture

  8. cait says:

    Bummer, I love #11, but I don’t shop at Hobby Lobby for social/political reasons. Any chance you found something similar from a different store in your research?

  9. Deb Gregoriian says:

    In need of a geometric cake stand. Can you advise me?

    • michelle says:

      I’ve used geometric round mirror frames that I’m turned upside down on a table before. Try that! Or even a geometric wreath with a piece of cardboard in the middle for the cake to sit on.

  10. annette connolly says:

    I am after 6 geometric lanterns #9
    Can you advise the cost? Can they be done i different metal colours?

    Many thanks, Annette

  11. Jason says:

    Looking for something to house a taxidermied bat. It hangs around 10”x4”. Got anything like that? Would like it sealed ,at least no wide openings.

  12. Susan Miller says:

    Where can I buy these

  13. Jemma says:

    Hi my friends getting married and she’s looking for 20 geometrical vase/lanterns small medium and large. I have a picture of the one she already has but she wants them black and can’t find them anywhere. Is there any way you could help? If so how much will this cost.
    Many thanks

    • michelle says:

      Hi Jemma – We don’t offer sourcing, but I recommend looking at these retail shops: Target, Amazon, Home Goods, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Jamali Garden, and Accent Decor.