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The tedious project

I told my sister I needed to buy, and then spray paint, 3000 push pins for an upcoming project. Her reaction: “wow, you really love a tedious project.” My fire escape became my spray painting zone and off I went.

For the last three nights I’ve been crouched on my living room floor sticking said push pins into a cork board, looking up every so often to soak in a few Olympic moments. I’m not eleven years old making bead bracelets anymore – my back hurt and my pointer finger is sore from all that pushing of the pins. Thirty year olds were not meant to crouch on the floor all night. We should have studios and big working tables and refrigerators where crushed ice comes out the front. Alas, I live on the 5th floor in a Brooklyn apartment and use my fire escape for spray painting and my living room floor for projects and my fridge most definitely does not make crushed ice.

Alas, I’m happy with my tedious projects. I like a challenge. I like coming up with crazy ideas for my client’s weddings and making them happen. Even if they involve 3000 spray painted push pins.

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  1. Nikki Zawol says:

    Michelle, I found you through Making Things Happen and Making Brands Happen. I LOVE your website and your work! And I wanted to take the opportunity that I love this blog post for this statement: “Thirty year olds were not meant to crouch on the floor all night.” I can so relate. 🙂