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The second day of 2013

It’s the second day of 2013. Have you started working on your list of goals, resolutions, ideas, etc? I call my resolutions action steps. Instead of saying something broad, like lose weight, I’ll say, drink more water and stop buying that delicious banana bread from the vegan place and convincing yourself it’s less calories than regular banana bread because is organic and vegan. Here’s my list of my top three action steps for 2013:

Get Healthier

During the first half of 2012 I turned myself from the girl who hated running more than stale cake to the girl who ran (ok, technically, walked/jogged myself to the finish line) two half marathons. Then it got hot out and I got lazy. I’m going to find my running sneaks and make a new playlist.

Clean More

Buy pretty, good smelling cleaning products and actually use them.

Make a Workable Financial Plan

I don’t tell anyone this, maybe because I feel like a failure sometimes or maybe because I don’t want my clients to think that I’m not giving them 110% of my energy 110% of the time. I still have my day job that I’ve had for the last 2.5 years. Ok, it’s out there. Phew. The world is still turning. I love my day job, I really do, but my true passion is bringing the pretty to weddings. I’m so, so close to making this happen. Step 1: figure out how to bring in the same amount of moula I do at my day job. SO CLOSE.

Here’s to a healthier, cleaner, more money in the bank and more time to work on my company 2013!




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  1. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh, just found your blog through the Everygirl. You’re hilarious and so inspiring.