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Team aprons with EasyPress and Cricut

When we are on site making all kinds of floral goodies for our clients, the team and I need somewhere to put our tools. You don’t want to know how many times I’ve lost clippers because I put them down and forget where they were. Happens all the time. This is why a good quality apron with pockets is a go-to item in our tool bag for event days.

In those pockets we mostly keep clippers, a million zip ties (all hail the mighty zip tie), and our phones to document the day. By the end of a big wedding install, those pockets are also filled with empty granola bar wrappers, random garbage, and discarded blooms.

I made a few new aprons for the team using this kick ass purple metallic foil iron-on material, my Cricut, and the EasyPress.

I never made a lot of iron-on projects in the past because my personal iron sucks. It leaks water everywhere and never seems to get hot enough to adhere the material to the cloth. Even with a brand new iron, I’d end up frustrated that I couldn’t successfully make an iron-on anything. The material would never properly stick to the fabric and my wrist was sore was pushing down so hard.

Cricut heard my cries into the night, and thank you baby Jesus, invented this EasyPress machine. It’s basically like a big, flat iron that evenly distributes heat, heats up to very specific temperatures according to the fabric you are using, and even times the length of press you need for your material.

Iron-on everything! No need to wait for a printing company to make branded aprons or tshirts for you. Especially if you are working on a giant event and suddenly need ten more aprons for your freelancers.


Cricut Explore Air 2


Lilac Metallic Foil iron-on

Black 100% cotton aprons


1. Cut your logo to the correct size for your apron. Make sure to put the iron-on material with the plastic liner down and mirror your image befor eou cut.

2. Protect your work surface with a regular bath towel. Heat up your EasyPress to the correct temperature and set the timer according to the instructions based on your materials.

3. Weed the iron-on. Press it onto the fabric with the EasyPress.

That’s it! Is less than thirty minutes you can make enough aprons for your whole team. Imagine how fly you will all look at your next event installation.

Grab an EasyPress and start making. Happy crafting!



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Monica Reyes says:

    Can you tell me what font was used for this apron on the Michelle Edgmont black apron.