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Starting Point :: the modern antiquers wedding programs



Every design for every designer has a starting point. It could be a piece of fine art, street graffiti, or a really great space. In my new series, Starting Points, I pick an image that’s inspiring me lately, make up a story about the couple who would live in that image, and design a piece for their imaginary wedding. Here we go! 

Meet Lynn and Jake. They met three years ago, in a flea market, when they both went to pick up that pink bread box above at the same time. Jake knew that he found it first, but being the gentleman that he is, he let Lynn take it home. Two year later, they moved into a small, railroad style apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Here, they mix together all of the mid-century modern pieces that they’ve both collected over the years into one colorful space.

Using a modern font, clean lines, and bold colors, I created these programs for the couple’s wedding ceremony. Each is tied closed with a vintage inspired raffia ribbon.

Top left image from Marie Claire Maison


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