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Nisha and Brendan

Excuse me while I officially freak out over these two. She is Indian, he is Japanese. Naturally, they had a wedding that combined and honored both of their family traditions while keeping to the bright, modern, colorful aesthetic that they both love. Pretty much my dream people. I was lucky enough to be sent to India on a work trip a lifetime ago when I was working as a textile designer. I spent a week in New Delhi eating the street food I wasn’t supposed to and buying armfulls of sparkly bracelets. India’s cultural traditions, love of bright colors and gold jewelry, and beautiful saris had me dreaming of working on an Indian wedding one day. Nisha and Brendan blessed me with that opportunity and I’m so happy how their modern and colorful Indian/Japanese wedding day turned out.

Just like India, this post is large and very visually stimulating. Thanks to the AMAZING photos by Our Labor of Love! The venue, Stone House at Stirling Ridge in New Jersey, sits on beautiful grounds and is full of windows. Natural light for the win! 

Nisha and Brendan had a traditional Hindu ceremony, although they were not interested in a traditional mandap. I commissioned the Chuppah Studio to construct a very modern and clean mandap structure, which I then decorated with grossgrain ribbons and handmade lilly garlands.  The aisle was lined with metallic gold triangles. A few vintage chairs, rented from Patina Rentals, finished the mandap design. 

Their tablescapes were a mix of colorful triangle confetti, super cool airplants, red protea in yellow glass vases, and succulents in gold dipped terracotta planters. I love how Nisha was only interested in quirky, unique flowers and plants. It was important to her that the guests could take home the centerpieces and use them to decorate their homes. Sturdy succulents and hearty airplants were the perfect choice! My team installed a globe light and ribbon garland to hang over the reception tables. 

Congratulations to Nisha and Brendan!!

Photographer // Julia Robbs of Our Labor of Love, Venue // Stone House at Stirling Ridge, Decor and Flowers // Michelle Edgemont

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