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AltSummit Plan of Attack

Altsummit is next week. The design bloggers conference, which I went to for the first time last year, was the starting point of most (if not all) of the awesome projects and opportunities that were 2012. My DIY collaborations with HGTV started at AltSummit. I finally met You + Me Design at AltSummit who later introduced me to Judy Pak who asked me to be a part in TWO amazing photo shoots. Meg from A Practical Wedding and I also finally met in person and chatted about these Guerilla Wedding DIY projects that went live over the summer. I sat next to Shayna from Pattern Pulp at lunch, which led to a collaboration on a soft launch party of her passion project this Fall.

So, this magical conference that is AltSummit kicks off next week in Salt Lake City. I was honored to be asked to lead a round table this year about Kicking Fear in the Butt to Put Big Ideas in Motion. Last year, I knew no one and had no goals other to not embarrass myself too badly and make friends. This year, I’m a speaker, I know people, and my wedding design business is off and running.

New year, new attack plan. One step to Kicking Fear in the Butt is putting things out there to make them seem less scary and find other’s who share the same goals. Here are my things for AltSummit 2013:

1. Inspire at least one person at my round table to get the gears turning on at least one of their big ideas.

2. Get the gears turning on my own big idea: I want to write a craft book geared towards weddings with my own special twist. Who out there can help me with that?

3. Connect with some of my favorite people who, even if we only live blocks apart, can chat until the wee morning hours at Alt.

4. Find other’s who want to gab about small business ownership, making money, and finding clients that I love. More serious conversations about life and business.

Here’s to AltSummit!


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