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How to become a runner

I finished a 4 mile race this past weekend. That’s me, above, kicking the sh*t out of the race. Notice how excited my friend Jess is next to me. She runs marathons, for reals. I don’t necessarily call myself a runner now, mostly, since I didn’t technically run the whole thing. I walked for about two minutes. I was getting a blister and being a big whimp. Looking back, I could’ve pushed through the mildy annoying pain on my foot.

about to have an emotional breakdown.

But then I crossed the finish line. Actually, I sprinted across the finish line because I just wanted the race to be over as soon as possible. It was the first day I’ve ever run longer than 20 minutes and farther than 1 mile. When my training started in January, I could hardly jog to the corner of my block out of my sheer hatered for running. Now, I’m training for a half marathon.

me and my team. 

So, how did I go from despising running to actually looking forward to heading out every night?

  1. I got the right gear. Specifically, running clothes that felt good and I looked hot in. Because if I felt like I looked like a big fat ugly loser, the last thing I would want to do is go out in public. My headphones were also key. I bought actual running headphones that made the world of difference. I didn’t need another excuse to stop running, like when my old headphones would fall out of my ears, that’s just silly.
  2. I put my running clothes on and walked out the door. Sounds simple and cliche’, but the hardest part is the first steps out the door. Even when I wasn’t motivated, I made my body step into those sneakers, grab my iphone, and walk out the door.
  3. I counted to ten. Six times. That would equal one minute. Do that five times, and I just ran for five minutes.
  4. I started small. Like, so super duper small. The Couch to 5K program is amazing. The first week the longest I had to run was 60 seconds. At the time, this seemed IMPOSSIBLE. If I tried to run four miles my first time out the door, I would have quit immediately. There’s nothing wrong with starting at the beginning.
  5. I rediscovered Queen of the Night by Whitney Houston. There were a few runs when all I listened to was this song on repeat for 30 minutes. I don’t care, it’s awesome. Get yourself a theme song and play the crap out of it.



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