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Make It Yours: Instax Gallery Wall

You guys know about Instax, right? I mean, of course you do! You’re cool and with it. In case you don’t, it’s the new “polaroid” from Fuji and creates credit card sized photos. I have this one.

Since I started playing around with mine last year, my pile of super cute Instax photos grew bigger and bigger. I needed a place to show them off that would be easily interchanged. Instantly, the Instax Binder Clip Wall jumped into my brain. Here’s how you do it.

Materials Needed

  • Instax prints Preferably from your recent adventures. Mine shown here are from a day trip to the beach and my sister’s wedding.
  • Small nails
  • Binder clips
  • Hammer
Eyeball where you want your first picture and hammer the nail into the wall. Measure 4″ from that nail, hammer in another one. Keep moving 4″ across until you’ve reached your desired length. Add another row of nails 6″ below the first row. Chose the pics you want to look at everyday. The ones that make you smile are best! Clip each to a binder clip, then hang the binder clip from the nail. Ta-Da!
The best part is that it’s super easy to replace the pics with whatever you want! Get your own and start shooting.



*In no way am I associated with Amazon or Fuji. I just think they are awesome and you should too.*
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The making of a photoshoot

whole office photoshoot

See that tiny space of light near the window?  That is my photo studio.  It’s the only place in our small apartment that gets enough light to take decent photos with my point and shoot camera without using the flash.  (see my computer screen?  I was in the middle of a Law & Order: SVU marathon courtesy of Netflix.  Whoop, time to move on the next episode.)  Today, I needed a new shot of ribbon color choices for my Etsy shop.  I set out a flat, white piece of paper and styled the ribbons how I wanted them to look.  In a casual, colorful pile with the ends in a line.

After I shot what  felt like a billion photos, I picked my favorite and opened in Photoshop.  The photo didn’t look that bad right out of the camera.  I liked how it was framed and there was enough space on the right side to add words later.  But, the background looked more gray than white and a few of the colors were a little dull.

After fudging around with the Levels, Shadow/Highlight, and Saturation, I came up with this:

I added the text using the Phinster Fine font to specify each color.  Doesn’t look that bad for a photo taken in a small corner with a point and shoot camera!

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