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Today marks one year.

me and my dad, 1982

One year ago today, my dad passed away from lung cancer. It never even crossed my mind that I would have to live a minute without both of my parents, but 365 days have gone by, and here I am. Prior to October 12, 2010, I also never pictured myself breaking down into tears during dance aerobics or in line at McDonald’s or in a room full of 22 strangers or over Thanksgiving turkey or in a liquor store. But yet, unfortunately for the nice ladies in my zumba class and the confused cashier at Mickey D’s, those things happened.

I also faced each day with new found zest for life. Not to get all Oprah on you, but to wake up and make the decision to live my best life on each day. Not everyday was perfect. There were tough days and sad days and angry days and if-I-eat-this-whole-cake-my-life-will-be-better days. But, I made a point to go out and do fun things on the weekends instead of staying inside and watching Law & Order: SVU marathons. I took my sister on a crazy NYC bachelorette party. Adam and I gave a speech at her wedding ceremony. My family gave and received Christmas gifts. I’m three weeks away from launching a real company.

It’s also one more year closer until I get to see my dad again in Heaven. Each day is one more day closer, one more minute or second closer.

We who are still alive and are left will be

caught up together with them in the clouds, and

so we will be with the Lord forever. 

1 Thessalonians 4:17

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