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This is it. It’s here! I’M here!

The company I started last year, Hey Babe Studio, has evolved into a brand spankin’ new wedding design entity, justifiably called Michelle Edgemont. This journey started at Making Things Happen, where my eyes were opened by teaching me that:

A) my dreams have to be bigger,

B) I need to look Fear right in the face and tell it to go knock on someone else’s way-too-small-Brooklyn-apartment door,

C) I’m capable.

This new company launching today is totally me and everything I believe in. Like a couple getting married while being surrounded by all the people who love them right next to the decorations and flowers that ignite smiles. And creating designs that accentuate a wedding, the start of a new, little family, without losing sight of the awesomeness that day holds. Confetti doesn’t hurt either. Throw in a tad of sparkle, some fresh colors, and a few quirky accessories – you’ve got yourself one heck of a Michelle Edgemont wedding.

Guys, those business cards up there, are RAAAAD! Metallic foil printed on thick cotton stock. Mmmm. I want to lick them, that’s how incredible they are.

Here’s where I pretend I’m accepting an Oscar, but instead, I’m giving out the trophies. None of the amazingness you see on this page could have happened without Emily Ley and Lara Casey of Making Brands Happen. I’m giving them an award for most talented, smart, and patient ladies out there. Oh yea, and Flosites, um, you’re looking at this site, right?! They get a little golden man for incredibleness. To Gina Zeidler, the WOW award, for continuing to wow me with her talent as a photographer and poise as a woman. There aren’t enough trophies in this world for my sister and her husband, my brother, and especially my mom, who have all been rockstar supporters and Heavenly examples of strength and grace. Greatest Dad of All Time Plaque goes to my dad, whom if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have attended Making Things Happen and, well, none of this would’ve probably happened.

Most importantly, my husband, Adam, gets the most gold medals, notably for supportiveness, patience, love, and greatest beard.

Let’s do this thing!


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I like this part.

Although I throughly enjoy the actual making of my products while catching up on a few episodes of Parks&Rec (apps and zerts anyone?), it’s the packaging them up and sending them out that really gets my juices flowing. Each time I visit the post office, I feel one step closer to making big, HUGE, things happen.

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My new favorite hobby

How many times do you go on facebook a day?

How many times do you instinctively pick up your iphone, turn it on, open the facebook app, and refresh your feed without even knowing you’re doing it?

Then, how many people in your feed do you HONESTLY care about what they’re talking about?

A month ago, my answers would have been:  probably between 50-100, more times than I would like to admit, and 35.

THIRTY-FIVE!!!  There were a total of 35 out of 256 people who regularly post status updates that I honestly cared about. Those 50-100 times I checked facebook during the day equated to over an hour that I could be doing something productive, or talking to a friend, or working out, or cooking a healthy meal instead of ordering take out, or kissing my husband, or catching up on sleep, or ANYTHING ELSE.

The lightbulb went off in my head during Making Things Happen last month. The Facebook distraction is not worth it.

Now, I’m not quiting Facebook all together.  It does have it’s positive points. For example, I can keep in contact with my fellow Making Things Happen alum, I can see pictures of friends’ weddings, and support small businesses.

My secret is, is that I’m hiding people’s feeds. (I feel like I’m committing some sort of crime to all social media.)

At first, I kind of felt bad, guilty almost, for clicking that little button that says “Hide All by so-and-so,”  like they were going to find out and haunt me and give me nightmares, but honestly, there were a few of my “friends” who’s status updates would always make me feel annoyed or mad or angry.

You know what? My life is short to surround myself with things that make me annoyed or mad or angry.

I know you have “friends” like this is your feed too. Those with negative attitudes that permeate your brain are not your Facebook friends or your real friends.  Clear them out of your life, or at least, the homepage of Facebook.  Once you do, you’ll have more room to fill with people who lift you up and inspire you and push you to be better.

I dare you. Go hide their status updates. YOU WILL FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.

poster from laurageorge on Etsy

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