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DIY Confetti Ceremony Programs

DIY Confetti Ceremony Programs

In my opinion, ceremony programs serve three purposes: 1) they let our guests know what is happening, 2) they are an memorable keepsake, 3) they give your guests something to stare at when waiting for the ceremony to start. Wedding ceremonies often start 20-30 minutes later than when the invite says. This gives extra time for late comers, for lipstick reapplications, and for more time for you to get even more nervous. So instead of having your coworker who is sitting next to your Uncle Bob trying to make small talk about the weather, give them a kick ass program to read and discuss.

This program project is also an envelope filled with confetti for your guests to shower you with on your walk back down the aisle. It has so many purposes! A good project! A conversation starter! An educational tool! Confetti! It’s the swiss army knife of wedding projects.

DIY Confetti Ceremony ProgramsSupplies

Glassine Envelopes (

Different colors of tissue paper


A home printer and a text editing software (like Word or Illustrator)


  1. Design your program on your computer. Feed the glassine envelopes into your printer just as you would print on a regular envelope or a smaller sheet of paper. Mine goes in the back. Good time to check your manual.
  2. Fold the tissue paper in half. Cut a 4″ wide strip off one end. Turn that strip and cut 1″ strips off of it’s end.
  3. Cut 1/2″ confetti pieces off of the end of the 1″ strip. Sound confusing? Refer to the above photos.
  4. Fill your envelope programs.
  5. Get showered with confetti!

DIY Confetti Ceremony Programs





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Frosted Heart Glasses

Etching cream is like magic in a jar. Paint it on, wash it off, and magically glass is transformed into a slightly opaque matte version of it’s former self. Block off the glass first with heart stickers and create a pair of polka dot (technically, heart) glasses for a romantic Valentine’s day dinner. Or in the case of my husband and I: thai delivery on the couch complete with red wine in frosted glasses. Here is a the quick version of this DIY – for more details, see it on HGTV. 

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Armour Etch
  • painter’s tape
  • a foam brush
  • heart stickers
  • two wine glasses

The super quick instructions: 1) cover the stem and the inside of the rim of the glass with painter’s tape, 3) place the heart stickers all around the glass in a random pattern, 3) cover the glass with Armour Etch.

Let the Armour Etch sit on the glass for fifteen minutes and do it’s secret magic. Wash off under running water. Use a sponge to make sure all the Armour Etch of cleaned off.

Peel off the heart stickers.

If you’re going to enjoy your Valentine’s dinner at a table like civilized people (unlike my eating-dinner-on-the couch style), set it with a bold runner, simple gold flatware, some pretty flowers, and the etched heart glasses you made so beautifully.


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Brooklyn weddings in public spaces

Let’s squash the concept that every wedding needs to be a huge production with a zillion vendors. Maybe you have a small family? Maybe you have a large family but only like a few of them? Maybe you want your wedding to be in your town, in a public space, low-key style, and still want it to be colorful and decorated?

Enter the new DIY series I’m debuting over on A Practical Wedding today: Guerrilla Weddings.

There are tons of beautiful public spaces that would be perfect for a wedding ceremony. For example, the fountain at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, shown in the photo above.

(Important to note: check with your local city office about permits and regulations. Some public spaces don’t allow weddings, but, no one really needs to know it’s a wedding, now do they.)

Bop over to A Practical Wedding and check out the first easy-peasy DIY decoration idea. My gal Amber helped me craft and Monica took the photos!



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