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Color Your Wedding / 7

Anyone else craving pink hair right now? I was recently sporting a few purple highlights and it was rad. I love the classic pops of dusty pinks and shades of gray in this palette. That, mixed with the shiny silver leather, is the perfect palette for a hip, urban couple who frequents the $1 oyster happy hour while splurging on the $16 glass of wine.

Download this to your computer, print it out, and use it as the base of all your wedding decor.

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Color Your Wedding / 6

This palette. For the bride who loves sewing and hiking and is getting married to the groom who read one book a week and makes his own furniture. That’s my vision of who would use this palette at their wedding full of earth tones and the natural texture of linen.

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Every week I’ll post a new color palette for you to download, print, email, send, messenger pigeon to your florist, wedding party, baker, caterer, mother-in-law.

Here’s how they work:

  • Right click and Save As. Each palette is sized to printout on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.
  • Instead of trying to explain to your cake baker and florist what your colors are, send them the Color Palette image. Everyone will be on the same page about colors and all your decor will coordinate.
  • Write or type your info at the top before sending to your vendors.
  • Use the three big color chips as your main colors, the next three smaller color chips as accents, and the chip on the far right as your texture.
  • The palette is meant to be used as a guide. Because of the color calibration across different computers, phones, tablets, and printers, the colors will not look exactly the same on all devices. For example, neon pink will look great on screen, but it will look dull when printed on a home printer. It’s a good idea to give the colors names on your palette, like mustard yellow, to further explain to others what the correct color is.
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Color Your Wedding / 5

images, left to right: raw color, Wit & DelightThe Cake Blog.

Today’s palette is brought to you by a reader request. Yay! Elizabeth, the bride, wrote:

“I love navy for our fall wedding. 

Everything I’m finding on the internet uses silver, yellow, or a nautical theme to tie things together, but I’m more drawn to metallics (especially golds and bronze), wood and lots of natural greenery but in a non-rustic or shabby-chic way.  
I think this is why my florist thinks I’m crazy. :)”
Sounds beautiful, right? Her quick description of what she’s envisioning led me to put together this palette of deep navy, forest green, and metallic gold. Accented with light blues, grays, and bronze, it’s the navy look without being nautical. For the decor, I’m thinking sheer navy linen tablecloths topped with overflowing vases of natural greens and tons of gold and bronze accents.

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