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Kat Flower at the Brooklyn Flea


I was lucky enough to work with that lovely lady right up there, Kathleen of Kat Flower, on some branded signage and collateral for her booth at the Brooklyn Flea. This was awesome for many reasons, a few being that I live two blocks from the Flea, Kat is super cool, I love flowers, and I painted bright pink stripes on a tablecloth.

I made her a bunch of these chalkboard sticks to display her prices.

A hand painted and sewn canvas banner that was a joy to make. That’s not sarcastic. I could sew and paint these forever.

Ok, the custom chalkboard came in a very close second to the striped tablecloth for the award of My Favorite.

Fun, right? Her booth looked fab. Come swing by the Fort Green Brooklyn Flea on May 12 and grab your mom some pretty flowers.


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