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December 2011

For me, December is the most difficult month of the year to keep inspired and get work done. The excitement of Christmas and spending extra time with family always creeps in and takes precedence over my daily to-do list. But you know what? I don’t mind one bit. Last Christmas was the first one without my dad, which made it pretty crappy. This year though, we were all feeling the holiday spirit again. It was refreshing. I decorated my apartment – even putting lights on the toilet. Yep, the toilet. Among all the decorations, I made a few beautiful ring pillows for winter couples, saw my name in the index of a book, ate way too many cookies, and drank too much wine on New Year’s Eve.


2012, let’s do this.
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Watercolor Christmas Cards

Michelle Edgemont

Every year I participate in Brooklyn Bride’s Christmas card swap. I love it because it guarantees that I’ll receive at least five Christmas cards and gives me an opportunity to try out some ideas that’ve been marinating in my brain. Getting mail that isn’t junk is my dream. I whipped out my watercolors, and created these beauties, complete with golden star confetti!

watercolor christmas cards

I was introduced to luma dyes in college. At the time, I thought they were over priced and annoying. Now, I realize that they are the best watercolors ever. Like I said, these were from college, which was eight years ago, and they are still pretty fresh. I say, good purchase.

watercolor christmas cards by Michelle Edgemont

After lightly drawing in the text, I painted over my marks with two colors of dye – a true blue and a greenish blue. After adding a few little yellow stars, I placed the cards into glassine envelopes with some star confetti. Who doesn’t love star confetti?! If someone exists who lacks this love, I don’t ever want to meet them.

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