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Fall Wedding and Honeymoon at Cedar Lakes Estate

This past fall, Trent Bailey, his wife Dara, and I trekked up the Cedar Lakes Estate in Port Jervis, NY with a few models, a Gabriella New York gown, cool jewelry, Patina props, and hand crafted elements to spend the day creating images based on a fall wedding and honeymoon. Trent and Dara are a creative powerhouse couple. He is an outstanding photographer, she creates the most beautiful hats and veils at her company Preston & Olivia, and together they are starting a fashionable camera bag company. Seriously, unstoppable.

This post is simply a love letter to Cedar Lakes Estate. It is owned by the nicest people ever, the grounds are to die for, they have modern remodeled cabins to rent, a pretty lake, and a remarkable modern barn to get married in. It’s a dreamboat.

I did the design and prop styling for this shoot. What does that mean, right? I brought the stuff (like a handmade tent and painted ores) and put it in the shot where it looked good. I art directed That Time Events on the flowers and collaborated on decisions, such as, how big should the bouquet be and can we please fill the vintage truck with MORE FLOWERS. Thank you very much.

We partnered with That Time Events who created the most beautiful, lush flowers. Oh, and THAT VEIL. It’s like bring draped in a delicious milkshake.

See what I meant about MORE FLOWERS??? The more the merrier. Pile them on. Like cinnamon rolls on my plate on Christmas morning. The higher the pile is, the better.

From the wedding, off to the very stylistic honeymoon. This includes a handmade tent in the forest, an old film camera, and cozy blankets. And bourbon. Don’t forget the bourbon.

There are activities on this honeymoon. Because even though you are super in love, you don’t want to just stare at each other all day. That sounds awfully boring. Let’s go swimming, boating, and smore making.

Feast your eyes on all of the other images over on Style Me Pretty.

The super team that made it happen:

Photography: Trent Bailey Photography | Wedding Dress: Gabriella New York | Floral Design: That Time Events | Food: Cedar Lakes Catering | Hair: Najeebah For Face Time Beauty Concierge | Event Design & Prop Styling: Michelle Edgemont | Hats: Preston & Olivia | Her Jewelry: Lulu Frost | His Jewelry: George Frost | Makeup: Holly For Face Time Beauty Concierge | Props: Patina | Turban: Lulu Frost | Tuxedo: Knot Standard | Veil: Preston & Olivia | Venue: Cedar Lakes Estate | Wardrobe Styling And Art Direction: Dara Of Trent Bailey Photography

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