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Wedding at Powerhouse Arena


Miranda and Doug were married at Powerhouse Arena in Dumbo. Yes, you read that right. They were married in a bookstore. Besides being the coolest people ever, they were married at one of the most unique venues in Brooklyn. Their out-of-the-box wedding style let me design some out-of-box decor elements for them (which is my expertise). Their amazing wedding day was captured by Erika Layne Photography. With Michelle Elaine Weddings on planning, the day was as smooth as a baby’s behind.

Their ceremony programs doubled as flags for guests to wave during their parade to the reception. That’s right – they had a southern second line parade straight through the heart of Brooklyn from their wedding to their reception. SO AWESOME.


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The Cream Event: Behind The Scenes


The Cream Event recently partied it’s way into NYC and I was lucky enough to show my stuff there. Before I show the awesome, amazing, professional shots of my installation at The Cream, here is my journey from a few weeks before to the day-of set up. A behind the scenes look into the daily antics of a wedding designer.

Coming up later this week: Confetti! Dancing! Thousands of spray painted push pins turned into a big logo sign!


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Brooklyn weddings in public spaces

Let’s squash the concept that every wedding needs to be a huge production with a zillion vendors. Maybe you have a small family? Maybe you have a large family but only like a few of them? Maybe you want your wedding to be in your town, in a public space, low-key style, and still want it to be colorful and decorated?

Enter the new DIY series I’m debuting over on A Practical Wedding today: Guerrilla Weddings.

There are tons of beautiful public spaces that would be perfect for a wedding ceremony. For example, the fountain at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, shown in the photo above.

(Important to note: check with your local city office about permits and regulations. Some public spaces don’t allow weddings, but, no one really needs to know it’s a wedding, now do they.)

Bop over to A Practical Wedding and check out the first easy-peasy DIY decoration idea. My gal Amber helped me craft and Monica took the photos!



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