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When I studied art in Florence, Italy in college, the teacher of my screen printed class told me that designing fabric was a job. Wait, WHAT!?! You mean that I can design patterns for fabric all day long? For money!?! My mind was blown. It was like when I learned the lead singer from Rilo Kiley was the Hannah Nefler on Troop Beverly Hills. From that moment, I transferred schools from an internet cafe in Florence and planned to move to NYC to go to the Fashion Institute the summer after I got back to the states. Before I discovered wedding design and florals, I designed textiles for fashion. Like this and this and this.

Mondays, on Brooklyn Bride, I mix my love of pattern design and weddings and color into one rad blog post. I scour the web for my favorite pattern design, pair that with a photograph from some of the best wedding photographers, and create a palette that mashes those two together.

Color is an important aspect of wedding design to pull everything together. Now, that doesn’t mean you need only two wedding colors. I love to create wedding color palettes of at least five colors. These can be monochromatic, like all shades of blue, or bright and rainbow. Either way, keeping the colors consistent from the invitation to the ceremony to the favors is an easy way to create a cohesive look. And yes, to my designer eye, there is a complete different between teal and aqua, violet and lavender, and oxblood and burgundy.

Scroll through the past year of my Pattern/Pretty/Palette posts on Brooklyn Bride to find some color inspiration for your own wedding. Whether saturated, monochromatic, or muted, deciding on a color palette for your wedding will make decisions so much easier.


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