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The blog that saved my sanity, is now a book. GO BUY IT.

This is Meg, from A Practical Wedding, holding HER BOOK.

I got engaged on December 23rd, 2008. On December 24th, 2008, I was neck deep into wedding blogs that were slowly taking over my existance. My Google Reader was overflowing with posts upon posts of favors and dresses and rings and letterpressed invitations and a gazillion other things that I slowly began to drown in.

I couldn’t breathe.

I was no longer excited about our wedding. Instead, I was judging all of the wonderful craft projects that I was diving into as Not Good Enough and Not Fancy Enough and Not Pretty Enough.

Then – I stumbled upon a post on A Practical Wedding titled: What Happened When I Stopped Reading Wedding Blogs:

But then, one day, something changed. I noticed that 9 out of every 10 wedding blogs/magazines were not making me feel excited about our wedding, they were making me feel tired and overloaded and like I wasn’t living up. Another white dress, another set of favors, another set of bridesmaid dresses. So I decided, I was going to take East Side’s advice, as an experiment, and stop. I took every wedding blog that didn’t make me feel excited and engaged off my reader. Done.

I FOUND MY PEOPLE. You see, Meg was planning her wedding too. She was overloaded too. She was cultivating a place where it wasn’t all about The Pretty. Sure, I think The Pretty is important. I mean, LOOK AROUND THIS WEBSITE. I love the pretty and the crafty and the inspiring. It’s a fine line I walk on being a wedding designer. Balancing between my love to make awesome decorations for weddings and the honest truth that weddings are about creating a family – they’re about a bigger picture than flowers. But what I don’t love, not one bit, is the pressure, while unintended, on couples to have the most beautiful wedding with a million details OR ELSE. That pressure can swallow a woman up to become a crying sob of a mess on the couch over a broken Gocco machine while trying to make the best invitations ever created by man. (cough, cough)

A Practical Wedding saved my sanity. So much so, that I’m quoted in her book about this exact subject. Want to see my quote?


Let’s push this bad boy up to the top of the Amazon best seller list!! Buy one for your sister. Buy one for that random girl from high school that just flooded your Facebook stream with engagement ring photos. Just send it to her. Getting married is a stressful time, and now, FINALLY, there is a book that can help. The wedding planning section at Barnes and Noble just got a gazillion times better.


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