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it’s cross stitched, baby

Finally, my two loves, crafts and my iphone, got naughty in the sack and had a baby. This cross stitchable iphone case is so amazingly cool. I picked mine up on a recent trip to Purl Soho where I went in for one tiny thing and came out with five. Isn’t that normally what happens at craft supply stores? And Sephora? And Target? And anywhere with snacks? I’m a sucker for good merchandising.

Cross stitching is the easiest of embroidery techniques. Think of a whole game of tic tac toe with all Xs and no Os. Here is a very basic guide to get you started. I am really loving the pattern that pops up when you mouse-over the pink star in the upper left corner of this page, (go ahead and try it, it’s awesome) so I based my design on that geometric pattern. I LOVED making this. Honestly, it took FOREVER. But – it’s a great little project to have sitting next to my couch to play with while catching up on my never ending DVR’s shows.

And now, every time I look at my phone, which sometimes seems like every 2 seconds, I have a great conversation starter right in my hands

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