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We met online

When my girl Gina stayed over, we played a fun game called Let’s Read The Emails We Sent Each Other In 2006 When We Met Online. Adam and I met on eHarmony in July of 2006. He was the first guy I ever went on a date with from the internet. “From the internet” sounds like some foreign factory where they manufacture hot musicians with thick beards. I was sold.

These emails are gold. We called each other by our first names. Which now, only happens when he’s farther than ten feet away from me at the grocery store and I don’t want to yell “babe” down the cereal aisle. At that point, I yell “Adam”, which barely gets his attention. I asked so very interesting questions like, “how did you get into the mortgage business?” I know, riveting.

Although the emails are slightly embarrassing to look back on now, I’m a huge advocate of online dating. Mostly, I realize, because I was widely successful at it. But, I was also able to find a man in my Pjs, and anything that I can do in my Pjs gets a big thumbs up from me.

Where did you meet your guy/gal? Did you get a hot, bearded musician from The Internet too?

photos by Gina Zeidler




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