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Brooklyn weddings in public spaces

Let’s squash the concept that every wedding needs to be a huge production with a zillion vendors. Maybe you have a small family? Maybe you have a large family but only like a few of them? Maybe you want your wedding to be in your town, in a public space, low-key style, and still want it to be colorful and decorated?

Enter the new DIY series I’m debuting over on A Practical Wedding today: Guerrilla Weddings.

There are tons of beautiful public spaces that would be perfect for a wedding ceremony. For example, the fountain at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, shown in the photo above.

(Important to note: check with your local city office about permits and regulations. Some public spaces don’t allow weddings, but, no one really needs to know it’s a wedding, now do they.)

Bop over to A Practical Wedding and check out the first easy-peasy DIY decoration idea. My gal Amber helped me craft and Monica took the photos!



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