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Stacey’s Modern Bat Mitzvah

Edited on July 6, 2016 to add: We’ve recently discovered that photographs of the Bat Mitzvah girl in her beautiful purple dress have gone viral on Chinese prom dress knock-off websites. The internet is so gross sometimes. Her dress was amazing and she looked gorgeous in it – thanks to creeps you won’t be able to see her anymore in this post. All of the photos of the family and people have been removed. You can still continue to enjoy the amazing giant balloons, glittery escort cards, and over-all Michelle Edgemont-esque Bat Mitzvah design.

First of all, can we all appreciate how amazing this dress is??? When I saw Stacey in her party dress, I told her I would totally wear that myself, if it came in my size. I’m not sure if a 31 year old pregnant woman wanting to steal her dress was considered a compliment to the newly thirteen year old. Either way, my modern, colorful aesthetic tends to match well with thirteen year old girls. When you see the rad photos from her Bat Mitzvah, you’ll see why. Full of personalized details, metallic gold glitter, confetti, glitter tattoos, and giant balloons, being hired to design Stacey’s Bat Mitzvah was pretty much a dream come true.

The geniuses behind Clark + Walker Studio captured it all beautifully. The Bat Mitzvah took place at the CV Rich Mansion in White Plains, NY. Hey parents, it has separate areas for kids and parents to spend cocktail hour!!!

We used Stacy’s’s favorite sayings as a constant design element throughout the party. Each guest received a button, which matched to their table name.




Mazel Tov to Stacey and her family! Every great party needs confetti cannons. There used to be an image her of everyone partying under a confetti cannon, but it was removed to protect the privacy of the family since Chinese knock-off factories were using her photo as advertisement. 

Am I right, or am I right?


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  1. arielle says:

    where did you get the dress i love it <3

  2. Jodi says:

    i was there and it was so fun!!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I would like to ask your mom if she would be interested in selling this dress to me! My daughter saw it and loves it! Thank you, Jennifer