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Spray Paint DIY for Purewow

Spray paint is my favorite. Don’t like something in your home? Spray paint it. Need a gold pair of flats at a moment’s notice? Spray paint some old ones. Want to make literally anything look modern and cool? Spray paint it white.

Purewow asked me to design two DIYs using spray paint for a video series on their site. First, I updated dog bookends with a matte teal paint. With spray paint, no need to keep searching the exact color whatchamacallit to decorate your home or wedding – a half an hour, a tarp, and your trigger finger can turn the ugliest item into something awesome and personalized.

The second DIY in the video is for those advanced crafters there. If you can use tape, you are advanced. Congratulations! Welcome to the super-secret advanced crafters club!


PS: I’m teaching a VERY similar project craft project using tape, drinking glasses, and etching cream at this Saturday’s Brooklyn Craft Camp. Will you come? I promise a good time, donuts, and jokes.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Hi! Can you please share where you found the dachshund figurines to make these bookends? Thanks!!!