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Shop Martha Stewart Weddings

Guys, when I was planning my wedding way, way, way back in the stone age aka before Pinterest was invented, I would read beautiful wedding magazines and gaze over all the pretty products wondering where I could buy them all. Of course, each magazine credits each item with a brand name, but I needed a link, a store, a something to tell me where to throw my money without searching the web. I wanted it to be EASY.

That day has come.

Revel, the modern shop-able wedding blog, has teamed up with Martha Stewart Weddings to create a place where everything from the magazine can be purchased with a click of a mouse. No more google searches! No more endless queries on wedding forums! It’s genius, really.

First, grab your copy of the new Martha Stewart weddings. I have the paper version, because I’m old fashioned like that. If you are new-fashioned, download it on your ipad and get to reading. When you find something you love, head over to Revel to find the link to the item. Done and done.


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