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Powder Room Design with Photowall

Anyone else looking around their house that you’ve been sitting in for the last five months thinking “hmmm…what can I wallpaper this week?” No? Just me. Ok then. I took that quest I had for wallpapering and redid our small powder room.

When we moved in, the room was FINE. It was basic. Everything was the cheapest fixture you could buy. It was a strange color of purple. It felt…ugh. Luckily, Photowall reached out to me about a collaboration at the perfect time. My wallpaper dreams were finally going to come true.

I’ve always wanted a powder room because it feels like a space that you can take design chances in. The door is usually closed, it’s small enough to renovate in a weekend, and you don’t spend a ton of time in it. My goal was to make this room modern, kind of quirky, surprising, and with interesting little twists.

I started with one piece of decor to base the room off of: a framed tea towel. The graphic nature of the flowers, the bright colors, and the stark black border were the jumping off point of the room. Next came the wallpaper…

Photowall has almost too many choices for wallpaper. Since this is real wall paper, not removable, I leaned towards a pattern that could possibly work with different color schemes in case (who are we kidding…when) I want to redesign the room in a few years. You know I love geometrics – the grafo in white was perfect.

On Mother’s Day, one of my gifts was a full day to wall paper this powder room in peace. Without interruptions. If you have kids, YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. A full 8 hours of lovely, uninterrupted, time to finish a project. While writing this post, I’ve been asked for milk, a snack, a cuddle, broke up a fight, changed a diaper, yelled, fetched someone another snack, and cleaned up my coffee that was dumped by a flying Hot Wheels car. And that was all in the last twenty minutes. Eight full hours of project time was my version of heaven.

Photowall is giving all of you lovely readers a discount so that you can take a weekend and wallpaper those walls you’ve been starring at for the past 5 months. Scroll to the bottom for discount.

Here’s a few photos of the before. It was…gross. It smelled weird. The previous owners hadn’t cleaned the floor in what seemed like years.

Drumroll please….

When you walk in the room, you see this view of the towel ring and the vanity. As you turn your body to find the toilet – BAM – this floral wallpaper from Chasing Paper hits you in the face like “oh man, two wallpapers in one room!??! I’m stunned by this creative genius.”

Then you look closer. Is that artwork of all butts?? Yes M’am, it is. And is that a print calling me a bitch and telling me that I’m doing great? Yes M’am. You’re welcome. You have now peed and had a mini pep talk. Now go flush, wash your damn hands, open an LLC, and take over the world.

Who’s ready to tackle a wallpapering project? Head on over to Photowall for 25% off with code michelleedgemont25.


Vanity: Home Depot, Faucet: Lowes, Geometric Wallpaper: Photowall, Floral wallpaper: Chasing Paper, Tea towel: Maker’s Collective, Art prints: Society6, Floor tile: Tilebar, Sconce: Sazerac Stitches, Toilet paper holder and towel ring: Newmadela,

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Wellness Favors to Help you Celebrate your Big Day

Wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for their love and support throughout your lives, and especially on your wedding day. It’s a huge day of celebration, tears, good food, and lots of dancing. By the end of it all, there’s no doubt you and your guests will be eager to crash and may need a recovery day or two.

That’s why wellness favors are the perfect way to say “thank you.” After all, we know favors more often than not end up in the trash. Giving your guests something they can enjoy immediately after your wedding makes sure that nothing goes to waste and the favors will be well appreciated. 

The best part about most wellness favors is how easy they are to DIY. They’re super cost-efficient and you can customize them to match your floral and event design. Check out these easy recipes and other wellness gift ideas to help celebrate your i-dos.


In collaboration with Zola.

Wellness Favors

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Events and Covid-19

Gosh, this is a weird time. Who would have thought a month ago that so many parts of the country wouldn’t be allowed to have events, see their loved ones, or even play in a playground? To keep each other safe, especially our most vulnerable neighbors, I 110% support the social distancing and closures of non-essential business. For me, this means two things: 1) many events have been postponed, and 2) I’m technically not allowed to go into the studio. As you can imagine, my bank account is taking a hit. The income that I usually depend on in the Spring is gone. It’s a hard time, although this post isn’t about me, it’s about YOU.

All of you wonderful people and clients who have been meticulously planning and designing once-in-a-lifetime celebrations. I FEEL FOR YOU. I’m here for you. Having to postpone your wedding or your son or daughter’s mitzvah is heartbreaking. You might be sad, angry, confused, and hurt. But the thing is – you aren’t in it alone. You have me. Your trusted event designer and florist. I’m working diligently with my current clients to accomplish the following through this covid-19 crisis:

  1. Postpone your events.
  2. Temporarily cancel our policies for fees regarding rescheduled events. No extra fees will be applied. Each client’s payments will be used towards their new date.
  3. Redesign for free, if necessary. The floral supply line has been insanely disrupted and we aren’t sure when it will be fully back online. This means we’ll be making a game plan in case we have to relay on all local flower farms for 2020 events. Luckily, here in the lower Hudson Valley we have amazing flower farms.

For prospective clients, I’m offering some specials. Because of all of the social distancing restrictions, my Spring sales are way down. 2021 couples and mitzvah parents: THIS IS THE TIME TO BOOK. Anyone who books me for floral design and/or event design by April 30th will get:

  1. A free bridal bouquet or a $250 credit towards your final bill
  2. 5% off of the delivery, set-up, and breakdown fees

Email me to discuss your late 2020 or 2021 events. It’s Or you can fill out the contact form too.

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