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Our Maternity Photos

-If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that little baby Dean made his appearance three weeks ago. He has finally decided to give in and enjoy his swing, which means that I now have five minutes to post about our amazing maternity photos. Thank you Fisher-Price for creating the ugliest, yet most useful, piece of baby equipment.

Let’s be honest for a second. I’ve always thought that maternity photos were cheesy and lame. A quick scroll through Facebook reveals childhood friends posing in fields holding their bulging bellies while wearing long, striped, maxi dresses. I never thought they were for me. Until I got pregnant. Now that I’m not pregnant anymore, I kind of wish there were more photos of my belly when he was in there squirming around. Luckily, my extremely talented friend, Judy Pak, spent the afternoon with Adam and I to capture my girth on film.

These photos are around our neighborhood of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. I’ve lived here, in the same building, for 8 years. To have Dean’s first neighborhood documented is such a treasure!



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