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Nimi and Rush’s wedding at Parrish Art Museum

Nimi and Rush’s wedding at Parrish Art Museum was one of my biggest wedding to date. With almost 300 guests and an 8′ x 8′ hanging floral installation over the table, we brought over 2000 blooms, 100 lanterns, 75 terrariums, 150 succulents, and 200 airplants out to the Hamptons to create a modern, cohesive wedding under the planning direction of Polka Dot Events.

This was also my first time at Parrish Art Museum. Woah. This place is the coolest. Everywhere you turn the architecture blends into the surrounding fields and creates bold, negative space in the neatest shapes.

This wedding, with Amber Gress‘s incredible photographs, is featured in the current issue of The Knot New York.

Amber Gress Photography  /  Dish Food & Events  / Michelle Edgemont /  Love + Brain Films  /  Revolve Lighting + Furniture  /  Alexa Blair

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