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My Brooklyn Studio Tour

This is where the awesome stuff happens. Welcome to my studio. In November of last year, My husband and I were lucky enough (or the landlord got tired of me pesting him) to move into a three bedroom apartment just one floor above our current apartment. Besides the easiest move of all time, the higher rent was worth it for both of us to be able to have our own spaces. He plays heavy metal music in his studio and I make pretty flower arrangements, decorations, and run my business out of mine. brklyn view photography took these amazing photos. She is super talented. Hire her for your wedding.

The photos of my studio and an interview about how I started my business were featured over on The Everygirl a few weeks ago. Below are the nitty gritty personal details of the decorations in my favorite room in my apartment. Everyone needs a giant pair of scissors on the wall and a pig planter.

My office/studio is filled with projects that I created to give the space a bit of personality. I jazzed up a basic office chair by reupholstering it in black and white polka dot fabric. The Michelle Edgemont logo sign above my inspiration board was handmade with hundreds of push pins. You might remember it from The Cream! The Hello sign and arrow on my door was a game-time decision that I crafted during the studio shoot – it’s made of colorful felt and metallic gold Duct tape.

This is my inspiration board behind my computer. It’s filled with images and fabrics and mementos that fire me up. Looking at this reminds me what I’m working so hard for when all I want to do is quit and stuff my face with ice cream.  A quick tour around the board: 1)  a card from Making Things Happen, this is one of my favorite business and life mottos, 2) a photo of me and my dad from a family beach vacation. One day I’ll post the story about how he passed away from lung cancer, but for right now, let’s just look at these pretty pictures, k? 3) A photo of the Duomo in Florence. This is my favorite city in the world – so much so that I have it’s symbol tattooed onto my leg. I studied art there my junior year of college and it’s where I learned that textile design is a job that people actually do. I transferred to the Fashion Institute when I got back and moved to NYC, 4) me and Adam in a photo booth this past summer. None of this would be possible without that guy and his sexy beard.

5) this is the photo that my mom took of me launching this business in a Starbucks, 6) the first dollar I made. Ok, ok, it’s probably not the actual first dollar – I took it out of my wallet the day I booked by first wedding and pinned it up on this board, 7) encouraging cards from family and friends that I like to re-read when I feel deflated.

The striped doors and the bookcase are from Ikea. The doors come with a glass panel and a back panel – so I slipped some striped fabric in between them and tada! Pretty doors that hide all the craft supplies.

The giant E was a decoration at my wedding. The pig planter was a gift from Adam. I have a crazy amount of love for all things pig.

Clockwise from left to right: The Eagles pennant was my dad’s. The geometric garland was from an engagement shoot that I styled last year. The giant, scary scissors were my grandfather’s, he worked as a tailor. The pink and gold photograph is by Rebecca Hansen of my feet on the dance floor of The Cream NY last year. It was my first, big wedding showcase and I love how this image shows the fun of the gold confetti and my tattoo of the symbol of Florence. This art print is of all things Coney Island. Life Is Too Short To Play Small – yes, yes it is. 

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  1. Rhiannon says:

    Oh girl I wish we lived closer to one another. You’re fabulous. Don’t ever forget it 🙂

  2. amanda says:

    what a great space! i share my office with my super sloppy boyfriend… i keep my corner bright and tidy, but the rest of the room is a mess of camera gear. someday i’ll have my own space like this!