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Making Things Happen 2013

When feels like forever ago (was actually mid-March), this room filled with 100 determined people looking to change their lives, start businesses, revive their current businesses, or simply get fired up to conquer their fears.

It was the first Making Things Happen TWO DAY conference and I was honored to be a guest speaker.

You might know that one of the big reasons I started this wedding design business is the kick in the pants I got when I attended Making Things Happen two years ago. Being a speaker gave the opportunity to share my experience in starting a business based on what I love and the tips I’ve learned on personal branding. Which really means, I talked the truth with a bit of sass to a group of 100 ladies and gentleman who were craving honesty without sugar coating.

There I am, with my lipstick and sequin Chucks, going through the exercises with the rest of the group. Not only was I able to teach about my last year and a half owning a business, I gained further clarity on how (with more focused work, less social media breaks, and collaborating with other wedding pros with my similar aesthetic) and why (to create artistic celebrations of two families coming together, to make my own schedule, to make colorful, quirky decor and florals) I’m going to grow this wedding design company to serve creative and modern couples.

I also learned I love public speaking and feel as though I have a viewpoint and a no-nonsense approach that people crave. It’s probably the New Yorker in me. I want to teach others how to start a wedding design business – since the term “wedding designer” is kind of a made up job that didn’t exist a few years ago. Would you be into that? If I started a blog series on how I got started and how I keep building? I mean, I don’t have all the answers, I’ve only been at this for a short while. But I do have the viewpoint of a brand new business owner, which I’m thinking might be more relevant and relate-able than getting tips from Martha Stewart.


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  1. Kristine says:

    Is there even a question we would be into that? OF COURSE WE WOULD. Your no-nonsense, passionate, creative, insightful, and non-Martha Stewartesque approach is what we all crave (and what we love about you). And thanks for letting me relive those two days for a bit. I can’t believe it was already two months ago now. Thanks for sharing your story, your experience, your wisdom, and your humor. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.

  2. Melissa says:

    Sounds very exciting Michelle. I would love to read your blog series on how you got started and how to keep building a wedding design business. I just started reading your blog in the last month or so. I started an Event and Interior Design business last year and now just trying to tie everything together digitally and social media wise and growing this business of mine too.

  3. Lauren says:

    I would LOVE to read this. I loved hearing you speak at MTH and would love to know more about how you started and how you built (and are building) your brand and business!

  4. Michelle! PLEASE DO!!! I would be so grateful. This is my dream. I know I love it because I’ve already been in it and just couldn’t get enough. It would be AWESOME to get your thoughts, too, and so valuable! I’m a little scared about launching, and just want to soak up everything there is to know and even then, I still won’t know eeeeverything, but it’ll be a starting point. EEEP! So excited about this. 🙂