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Mr. and Mrs. wooden spoons

If you are a proud, crafty owner of a Cricut machine, you can breeze right past this link.

If not, do me a favor and pick yourself up one. K? Buy a Cricut, set it up (takes two seconds), then come back to this post and grab the link to make these Mr. and Mrs. spoons. It’s OK, I’ll wait.

I’ve partnered with Cricut this year to bring you modern, tasteful, and cool projects you can quickly create for your wedding using their die cutting machine. Good news is that they recently launched the iphone app, which means you don’t even need to own a computer to operate the machine. Pretty cool, right?

The program you use to make the machine run is called Design Space. It’s free. The pattern for the vinyl decal that I used on these spoons costs $.99. Purchase it right here in Design Space. A relative bargain compared to ordering silk screened wooden spoons.

What you’ll need for the project:

Cricut Explore machine


Transfer tape

Wooden spoons


A netflix marathon. May I recommend Broad City?




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