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Moody Valentine’s Day Floral Inspiration

I’m doing more small shoots in the studio this year. Experimenting with texture, vessels, types of flowers, and mechanics, as I continually hone the craft of floral design into my own signature style. If I were to describe the design style that comes out of this studio, I’d call it: whimsical, a little weird, unconventional, loose, and pretty to look at. As an artist and business owner, being able to carve out these studio days where we design for ourselves, no one else, is a true luxury. We aren’t running around like maniacs producing multiple events in a week. We are carefully, and studiously, perfecting the Michelle Edgemont Design style that our clients hire us for.

A departure from the greenery filled arrangements of 2017, being able to grab handfulls of blooms from the flower market and design with them, often without any greens at all, is refreshing. The investment in the craft, aka hundreds of dollars in flowers to simply create this one centerpiece below, is worth the money.

Producing these mini shoots has given me an opportunity to design with unexpected details too. Like this insane table linen from Nuage Design. It’s basically like those magic sequin pillows where you can run your hand over it and change it’s color. This one went from teal to gold. With the swipe of a palm the sparkling gold comes through. I mean, this table linen has the ability to change the look of an entire room. From drab to fab, as one could say.

So, here’s the first act (second act coming on Wednesday) of 2018 In-Studio Editorials: Moody Shiny Valentine’s Day. A few small nods to traditional Valentine’s Day decor – like the reds/pinks and the tiny hearts on the plates – but the rest is that little bit of weird that I love. A dramatic velvet backdrop, sparkly linen, napkins on an angle. Oh, and black tapers and black champagne glasses. Because nothing says Valentine’s Day from a New Yorker then more black everything.

My mouth is salivating over these images by photographer Chi-Chi Ari. Planning by Color Pop Events, linens from Nuage Design, calligraphy from Ink and Nibs, rentals from Broadway Party Rentals.

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