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Michelle Edgemont Shop: Placemat Pads


When it comes to tablescapes, couples that hire me for full event design fall into one of three categories:

1. They have budgeted an adequate amount to rent incredible table linens for $70 – $100 each.

2. They are using barn tables, taking away the necessity for linens, although leaving a large, stark tabletop to decorate.

3. They prefer to use the standard linens, usually white, that come with their catering package but want their table to not look…so….white.

Clients in category 1 are set: We rent elaborate cloths (I lean towards a pattern or sequins), place them on the table, and..honestly…whatever else goes on the table is already elevated because of the linens.

The other 90% of couples getting married, who fall into category 2 or 3, have a bit of a challenge on their hands. Especially for couples who love clean, modern design, pops of color, and something unconventional – the choices to jazz up a barn table or a stark white 60″ round table are limited. Of course,  they could accomplish it with loads of flowers and candles, but I like thinking out of the box.

What if there was a product on the market that could equip those creative couples with the power to put together an impactful, interesting tablescape themselves? Or with the help of their florist or designer, infuse a contemporary edge in the place settings instead of in the centerpieces?

Say hello to the very first line of the Michelle Edgemont Shop Placemat Pads. These are the bread and butter of the shop. The one item that you’ll need to really add a pop to your tables. An affordable way to add personality to a stark white tabletop. Let’s get to know them…


The coolest part about these placemats is that they come in a pad. Simply tear out, place on the table, and you are done. No ironing. No starching. No folding. They are made of high quality paper with beautiful, saturated color. The placemat pads are sold in the shop for $40 for a pack of 30. Having a wedding of 150 guests? That’s only $200 to add a punch to your whole reception.

paper_placemat_ombrePaper_placemat_geometric Paper_Placemat_black_and_white Paper_placemat_blueThe first collection of Placemat Pads is comprised of four patterns: Criss Cross, Dash, Joyful Geo, and Ombre.


The Criss Cross pattern. A deeply saturated cobalt blue with lines in white and dove gray. It’s a bold statement for a bold couple who aren’t afraid of a brightly colored couch, a black accent wall in their living room, or a spontaneous weekend trip to Costa Rica.



The Dash Placemats. These have been our second best seller since the shop launched (scroll down to see our biggest seller). Classic black and white with a contemporary twist. Fun, whimsical, with an urban edge. For the couple who love their city life, the large loft space they are getting married in, and wearing head to toe black.



Joyful Geo. Look how joyful! Look how geometric! This is our signature pattern. Inspired by a past DIY project of mine, the Joyful Geo placemats feature gender-neutral colors of navy, yellow, gray, and magenta. Can you not get enough pattern in your life? Does your closet look like a rainbow? Do you only purchase brightly colored coats, shoes, and underwear? Then the Joyful Geo pattern is for you.

To extend this geometric look to your ceremony or photobooth, Joyful Geo also comes in a fabric backdrop (hint, hint).
modern-wedding-placemats Ombre-placemat

The Ombre Placemats. BIGGEST SELLER ALERT. The most popular design since the shop launched BY FAR. Four colors beautifully blend into each other to create a soft, elegant, look under any place setting.

This Ombre pattern looks awesome as a fabric backdrop as well. Purchase both and your wedding is basically completely decorated.


Which placemat design is your favorite? Personally, my heart is drawn towards the Joyful Geo with Dash in a close second. See all the patterns right here in the Michelle Edgemont Shop.

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