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Meg and Jesse / Wedding at Tuthill House Mill

Meg and Jesse. They are literally the coolest ever. Both are professional designers, and therefore, were super fun and creative to work with. Want proof? Check out the below screenshot from their wedding website. The bride created the image herself and they designed the site. It’s like all of my favorite things just threw up all over the computer screen. To see it live,

They were married at the Tuthill House Mill in upstate New York. It’s a quaint, little, family-owned restaurant on a beautiful piece of property complete with a creek and water mill. Amelia Beamish took these superb photos.

They hired me to do Creative Direction and Day-of Styling. These services were perfect for them since Meg is super crafty and wanted to create most of the decor herself. She just needed someone (me) to put all of her ideas into a cohesive PDF, pick a wedding color palette, send her links to my best sources for event decor, and help her make decisions for her wedding based off of the Design Board that I designed. On the day of their wedding, my team and I were there to set everything up and make it look super cool and sparkly. Exactly the look she was going for.



These photos do not do that wedding dress justice. In person, the Sarah Seven dress, was a sparkly dreamboat that shimmered and shined with every step Meg took. It was perfect for her.



GUYS. That’s a disco ball cake. I KNOW. It’s the most magical and amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It’s by Sugar Couture. I want to shove my face in it, that’s how awesome it is.

Congratulations to Meg and Jesse on their heart-filled, sparkly, beautiful, super fun wedding!


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  1. Jenn Haven says:

    woohoo! 🙂 loved this.

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  3. Ellen says:

    Awesome photos and location. Thinking about getting married there too…any more photos or ideas that you can share?