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Introducing…Virtual Event Design


Ever since having Dean, my weekends have become sacred family time. This is a struggle for an event designer, since, 99% of our events are on the weekends. In order to save my Saturdays and Sundays for the beach, the park, and general family activities, I’ve taken on less clients in 2015. BUT – I miss designing a variety of events and. the increase in my prices to enable me to work on a limited number of weddings is starting to be just too expensive for a lot of people.

I started this business to use my years of design experience to give couples unconventional, non-generic, amazingly cool weddings. Not just couples that have the dough for my full Event Design service or are lucky enough to book me far in advance on one of my coveted free weekends – but ALL creative couples.


So, I’m trying something new. I’m expanding my design services to be able to give smaller budget couples the peace of mind of having a professionally designed wedding that feels cohesive and beautiful. I want the design of your wedding to be AMAZING. Just because your budget doesn’t have wiggle room to hire a full event designer, doesn’t mean you can’t have a professionally designed event.

Couples and wedding planners everywhere, yes, EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE in the USA, can hire me to completely design their weddings over the web. This service is a much smaller investment than my full Event Design service, although doesn’t skrimp on style or design. I’ll take your pinterest board and turn it into an easy to understand design plan that you make come alive with your personal choice of vendors in your area. Send it to your florist, your stationer, your caterer, to give them all the creative direction they need to do a great job while keeping all of the aesthetics of your event cohesive.

It’s like designing a room in your home: there are many stores you can buy furniture from and many materials, like the rug and the pillows and the artwork, that all need to work together to create the feeling you want that room to have. Only for a wedding, the stores are the vendors and the materials are the flowers/papergoods/rentals/lighting. Stay with me here: Virtual Event Design gives you a tool to bring those elements together in order to create the wedding you want. It’s a lot easier than falling down a pit of overwhelm on your third hour on pinterest looking at wedding inspiration.

Hey wedding planners, let’s partner together. My Virtual Event Design package gives you the ability to offer your clients event design as an additional service while doing what you do best: logistics and planning. Email me at

Hey couples, I want to help you not drown in a sea of inspiration. You’ll know that your wedding will have a beautiful aesthetic, feel how you envision, and look how you want with this Virtual Event Design service. Email me at

So, how does this thing work?

I’ll need the following from you: your pinterest board (I got to get inside your head to see the types of decor you love), images of your venue (not all decor works in all venues. I’ll guide you towards what will work best in the space that you’ve booked), and your must haves and must have nots (make it specific).

The more detailed on the venue photos and must haves/must have nots the better. Show me where the ceremony will be. Point out the ugly flat screen TV that the venue has permanently installed in the wall that you want hidden. Give me photos of the bathrooms. Explain where the guests will walk in and where they will pick up their escort cards.From there, we hop on skype and discuss. I show you a Design Board and Color Palette. You say, “Michelle! It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!” Great, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

I send you a giant PDF with inspiration boards for every decor element of the wedding. Invites? They have an inspiration board. Tablescapes? They have their own board too. Flowers? Yep, one pretty page full of curated inspiration images for your flowers.

You see your Event Design PDF and love every aspect of it. My job is done! You use the Event Design PDF, with all of it’s expertly curated specific inspiration boards, to create a lovely wedding by DIYing or hiring professionals in your area. OR – I can be hired to help you bring the Event Design  PDF alive by:

  1. SOURCING: Hire me to source specific props using my years of experience shopping for events to find you the best items for the best prices.
  2. ART DIRECTION: aka a fancy way of saying I’ll be the contact person to your stationer/florist/other creative vendor, to guide them in designing their goods to match the Creative Direction.
  3. CUSTOM DECORATIONS: Hire me to hand make custom decor that I’ll ship to you to decorate your wedding. It’s my specialty.

Wedding planners, Virtual Event Design  is for you to better serve your wonderful couples by partnering with me, a trusted event designer with years of experience. It’ll free you up to concentrate on what you are good at (what you were HIRED to do): logistics and planning

Engaged couples, Virtual Event Design  will give you a smart tool that’s easy to wrap your head around to create a wedding with the look and feel that you want. No more millions of pins or trying to explain to your florist how you want your centerpieces. Let me do that for you.

Virtual Creative Direction is $1,250. Let’s go over the important stuff, yes?

  1. The whole process will take between 6-8 weeks. The faster I get feedback from you, the faster you’ll be able to start hiring creative vendors and gathering decor.
  2. I having openings for two Virtual Event Design clients per month. Get on it quickly.
I’m really hoping that this new service will let me reach more couples who want an expertly designed, non-generic, well put together wedding. There is nothing worse than working for months on all of your wedding decor and then not being happy with the result on your wedding day. It takes a smart design eye, and experience designing big events, to know how much decor you’ll need to be impactful in your venue. I can help you with that.
To get started, email me at or contact me using my form.


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  1. This is brilliant! I am SO excited for you about this!!!