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How To: Cloud Backdrop

Large scale backdrops. Aka How To Get The Most Bam For Your Buck. Most couples don’t have enough funds to have everything they would ever want at their wedding. Which is normal, since, most people don’t have enough funds to have everything they would ever want in their lives. My best advice: put your money where it will have the most impact. Similar to purchasing items for your home, like investing in a well built couch that will last for years and be the centerpiece of your living room, large scale backdrops will give you maximum impact.

When my husband and I go to the Brooklyn Flea, I have a personal strategy for choosing what I want to eat. It’s called the Bite Per Dollar Ratio. It’s very scientific. Essentially, I choose whatever food gives me the most bites for my money. Because I’m hungry. And I don’t have time to fool around with a two-bite taco that costs $12. I want my belly to be full on the least amount of cash possible. Just how I want your wedding to be the fullest it can be of awesome decor while keeping a few bucks in your pocket.

I collaborated with A Practical Wedding to design and style a few large scale backdrop installations that you could create for your own wedding. The first was that modern and geometric hexagon backdrop. This one, is romantic and eye-catching. All detailed directions can be found over on A Practical Wedding. If you’re not crafty, hire us to make and install it for you.

Photographer // Allison Andres

Models // darling dear photography

Hair and Makeup // Fox and Doll

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