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I have asked my favorite wedding pros in the NYC area to tell me all about their experience working on weddings that have hired a wedding designer, like me! Today you will hear from planner extraordinaire, Lauren Sozmen, owner of Loli Events which is a full-service event planning firm based in New York and Paris.

Lauren takes extreme care and interest in her couples, making sure that they are paired with the perfect vendors who bring their personalities and visions to life.














Their answer to our question,

Have you worked on a wedding that has also hired a wedding designer or stylist?

If yes, how did having the wedding designer to collaborate with on that wedding impact your work?

“Yes, I have worked with a wedding designer on several occasions and it was wonderful every time.  As a planner, I spend pretty much all of my time dealing with logistics and coordination.  I truly think that injecting lots of personality and creativity into each and every wedding is what makes it super special and different from all the other weddings. Very often a client and I will start talking about design ideas and develop a story and my job is to make sure that these ideas and stories become a reality.  This is where the wedding designer comes in.  Whether it is an installation, or creative day of paper items, or end of night favors, that designer can create it all for me and fully customized to my clients needs.  Brides and grooms are usually much more creative than they think and it is just a matter of executing their ideas properly.  

I will add that it is a good idea to work with the same wedding designer on a particular wedding as it will keep everything cohesive and truly tell the story.  Every wedding designer has a different style and it is simply a matter of matching the right designer to the right couple. “

A BIG thank you to Lauren for sharing her awesome work and opinion on hiring a wedding designer.

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