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Guest Post: Blossom & Branch

I’ve asked my favorite wedding pros in NYC to tell me all about their experience working on weddings that have hired a wedding designer. Couples hire wedding designers to create cohesive, custom, beautiful events that fully captivate their personalities and act as a design eye on all things decor and aesthetics related. As well as making a couple feel taken care of and creating an eye popping event, hiring a wedding designer also lets your other wedding pros do their jobs so much better.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll hear from fellow NYC wedding pros who believe that being hired to work a wedding that has also hired a wedding designer lets them do their job better and more efficiently. I could talk about this for days…so I’m going to shut up and let the pros do the talking…

Today, Sarah Brysk Cohen, the brains behind Blossom & Branch, is here talking from years of event experience. I met Sarah a few years ago when we collaborated on a project and I’ve been a huge fan of hers ever since. Besides being a floral design genius, she has a no nonsense approach to running her business that I highly look up to.

Have you worked on a wedding that has also hired a wedding designer or stylist?

If yes, how did having the wedding designer to collaborate with on that wedding impact your work?

Yes, I have worked with many wedding designers and stylists in the past and I have always enjoyed the collaborations.  Taking a team approach to design is the best way to dial in a comprehensive look and feel for an event.  There are endless details that make a wedding really unique and the more creative people attending to each of them, the more spectacular the result!

















photos by Sara Wight Photography and Charlie Juliet Photography

I always think of the design team as being similar to a medical team – you bring in a specialist in each field and each specialist brings her particular expertise to the table.   When working with a stylist/designer, I am free to really focus on the florals and other decorative elements that are absolutely within my wheelhouse.  The less time I have to spend managing other design projects, the more time I can spend selecting the perfect blooms and making flower magic.

photo by Ryan & Heidi Studio

I also take the perspective that as with so many things, the more minds you have contributing to a project, the better.  There are ideas that you might never have dreamed up if not for another creative person on the team saying…”Hey, what if we were to…?”  We tend to push each other to be more imaginative and there is yet another set of hands available to make it all happen.

photo by Ryan & Heidi Studio

photo by Ira Lippke Studios

Lastly, if and when there are SNAFUS the day of, having another artistic person who can think on her feet is essential.  As with any major production, a wedding comes with much room for error.  If we run into obstacles, having a team of people on site to work around an issue is critical.  We use our collective problem-solving experience to smooth over any wrinkles.  And with a designer/stylist on the team, it ensures that our solutions fit with the grand vision of the event.

Huge thanks to Sarah from Blossom & Branch for sharing her experience with working with a wedding designer. Take Sarah’s advice, she is one smart cookie, and consider hiring a wedding designer AND a florist. By working together, the florist can concentrate on making beautiful flowers and the designer can use her skills to bring all the other decorative elements, like paper goods and linens, together.

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