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Gifts for people who love rainbows

It’s a gift guide for people who love rainbows. We designed and executed a wedding this year that was 110% rainbows. It was amazing. The amount of bright color we put in their all white venue brought a smile to anyone’s face who walked in there. It’s impossible to be sad when looking at a rainbow.

Here you go, for all your people who have an affinity for Mr. Roy G Biv. Buy these gifts for your coworker who writes in every color except black, for your best friend who is an advocate for the LGBTQ community and covers her backpack in rainbow patches, and for your neighbor who’s house looks like a box of crayola crayons exploded (but in a good way).

1. Rainbow Dress 2. Sneakers 3. Rainbow Sweatshirt 4. Rainbow iphone case 5. Rainbow TShirt 6. Tuft Basket 7. Earrings 8. Neon Lamp 9. Planter 10. Rainbow Ornament 11. Rainbow Mirror 12. Sticky Note pad 13. Fancy Pen

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