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Gifts for people who love geometrics

Gift guide for people who love geometrics. This is my favorite gift guide. As I’m sure you can see by the branding on this site, I have a soft spot for geometric anything. The clean lines, the negative space, and the versatility of geometric shapes let you easily blend this aesthetic into any decor plan.

This past year alone, my studio has produced an oversized geometric installation (to be seen in Martha Stewart next year), a colorful geometric escort board, 3D geodome table numbers, laser cut hexagon place cards, and brought numerous geometric lanterns to a variety of events.

Are you a geometric lover too?


  1. Geometric Lamp 2. Plant Hangers 3. French Press 4. Coasters 5. Geometric Bin 6. Wall Shapes 7. Faceted Terrariums 8. Iphone Case 9. Folded Vase 10. Geometric Necklace
    11. Crop Top 12. Earrings 13. Keds 14. Geometric Socks


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