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Geometric Coasters DIY

When Cricut asked me to create some fun, party projects for their design software, Design Space, I immediately knew they had to be A) simple, B) geometric, and C) super cool. Hence, these geometric coasters.

The actual coasters and the geometric decals are both made with the Cricut. What was once known as a crafting machine solely for scrapbookers and teachers, the Cricut has made a Justin Beiber like comeback in the past year, just without the crying. Hey, Beibs, no crying, OK? You haven’t even been gone for that long. And does a 21 year old really old enough for a “comeback”? I digress. Back to the coasters.

If you own a Cricut, you can find the files for these coasters over in Design Space. If your life is lacking the majesty of a Cricut machine, hop on over to their website and buy one.




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