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For West Elm: Embroidered Linens

Back in the summer, I got the chance to preview West Elm’s holiday collection live in their showroom. What a treat. They always blow me away with how simple and easy to live with, yet with just enough edge and creativity, their products have. Seeing all of those holiday goods got my wheels turning on how their most basic pieces could be personalized at home. I designed this embroidery project to be featured on West Elm’s blog, Front & Main. Hop over there to see more beautiful images.


West Elm Border Stitch Napkins and Placemats

A white marking pencil

Silk embroidery ribbon

Sparkly embroidery floss in two colors

An embroidery needle

Quilting ruler


Stitch your guests’ names into the corner of their napkin as a fun surprise.

Or add decorative stripes to the corner of your placemats. It’s a good idea to choose a sparkly embroidery floss. Sparkles are ALWAYS  good idea.

This centerpiece? So easy you could do it in your sleep while having a sexy dream about Channing Tatum. Cut branches off of an evergreen tree in your yard, or if you are me, in my apartment building’s weird excuse for landscaping out front. Purchase a bunch of red berries from the bodega. Hey, if you live in the suburbs, there even might be a red berry bush/tree in your yard to cut off of. LUCKY YOU.

Layer the branches and the berries down the center of your table. DONE and DONE.



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