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Finding inspiration

Being married to a man who’s hobby is buying and selling guitars, I often find myself at musician centric events. A few weeks ago, we went to a guitar show at Brooklyn Bowl. Even though I can’t tell the difference between a Les Paul and a Fender or between the guitars that are actually old and the ones that were manufactured with a “vintage” look, I love these events because of the companies that show their products. Most are small, local guitar shops who are friendly and knowledgeable. The owners are passionate about what they do. They are, usually, men in their 30-40s with long hair, tattoos, and worn in sneakers.  They are guys who said a big F YOU to the corporate world.

We met one man, who’s name escapes me, let’s call him Ted. He runs a small business in the East Village that takes guitar players’ peddles and wires them onto boards to use during gigs. I probably just butchered that description, and it’s not important that you have any idea exactly what he does. What IS important, is that this guy is an inspiration. Ted took what he loves, music, guitar playing, and electric work, and meshed it all together to create a business that serves a specific community.  All while being able to have tons of tattoos, a nose ring, and long hair.

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