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Featured in: Elle Serbia

Thanks to me, many small business owners in Serbia are how working in stylish and fun home offices. A few photos of my home office accompanied by an interview on owning a small business (awesome), setting boundaries (no emails after 7:00 PM or on weekends), and what my typical day looks like (yoga in the middle of the day), were featured in last months issue. I’m making a global impact with my tiny business and I think that is the coolest thing ever.




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  1. Nikki S says:

    Very cool! Love the tips, especially about emails. Did they give you a translation?

    • michelle says:

      Thanks! I’m trusting they translated my answers correctly. Guess I should paste it into a translator to make sure!

  2. Nikki S says:

    Sorry, I wasn’t clear! I don’t think I read your post closely enough to realize it was an interview. Duh! Sorry for the silly question!