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Fall Dinner Party

In this city of 8 million people, is surprising how weirdly small it sometimes feels. Everybody knows everybody, no matter what industry you are in or where you went to high school. I started seeing my current dentist, Dr. Chung, maybe 8 years ago. If you live in NYC, he is literally the nicest and best dentist EVER. This is only time you will have to read me raving about a dentist on a wedding design blog, but seriously, go see him. Anyways, two years ago I was introduced to the amazing photographer Judy Pak. We worked on this shoot together, this Great Gatsby shoot together, and this wedding we did together at the Metropolitan Building. One day she was showing her husband the behind the scenes photos from one of our shoots, and ironically, her husband knew me. Because he is my dentist. Random, right?

This year was his fortieth birthday and to make it extra special Judy hired me to design, decorate, and style a surprise dinner party for him on their apartment terrace. They are both the nicest people, and that combined with this seriously jaw dropping location, this was a dream project. With me on design and flowers, Radish on catering, Make Merry on invitations, Nine Cakes on cake, and Judy on photography, the surprise went off without a hitch!

doesn’t film just make everything so much more delicious looking? I want to lick this image.

Huge thanks to Judy Pak for being a sweet friend and exceptional photographer. And thanks to her husband, my dentist, for keeping my pearly whites shiny and turning 40!


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