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Event Design / Wedding at The Mandarin Oriental

This is the perfect scenario where Virtual Event Design works: The couple has hired a full wedding planner. That wedding planner has no interest in also being an event designer (I’m not throwing wedding planners who design under the bus. Want to do it all? I support you 110%). They know that they excel at logistics, spreadsheets, and budgets. Their brain works in numbers and timelines. Although they are sure that they could throw together a decent Design Board, their clients have very specific taste, a discerning eye, and the budget for upgraded linens. They are smart and therefore decide to dedicate their time to planning while their clients can hire a design professional to take care of the aesthetics.

Rebecca from Pink Bowtie Events was working with an amazing couple, Michele and Chris, on their upscale, NYC, wedding. She wanted to concentrate on the planning portion of the event and let someone else, me, do the design. Michele and Chris budgeted the money to hire me as their Event Designer using my Virtual Event Design service.

They got a beautiful Design Board (see below) and a 20+ page of art direction for every aspect of their wedding from the stationery to the flowers to the linens. Pink Bowtie Events then took that art direction, brought it to her preferred vendors, and they made it come alive.

Because all of the vendors were all working from the same Design Board, everything looks cohesive and beautiful. Michele and Chris got the experience of working with me as their event designer and the planner was able to concentrate on managing all of the vendors, timeline, budget, and logistics.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

This beauty was featured over on Brides. So cool.

Here’s the Design Board we used as a starting point for Michele and Chris’s wedding at The Mandarin Oriental here in NYC:

Full and lush. Lots of pink, fluffy flowers. Modern calligraphy treatments. Branchy floral arrangements. Textured, monochromatic linens. Pretty, huh?

Pink Bowtie Events took this Design Board (and the giant art direction PDF) to local amazing vendors like Blade Floral Design, Sylvia Weinstock Cakes, RedBliss Designs, and Nuage Linens to pull together a romantic, lush, glitzy wedding for Michele and Chris.

Yes, that says Sylvia Weinstock Cakes! Scroll down to feast your eyes on one of the most incredible cakes I’ve ever seen. Personally, I’m a simple cake kinda girl. Give me a box mix and some buttercream and I’m good. But the sugar flowers on this towered of edible delicious are INSANE. Trust me. Go ahead and scroll.

I’m really proud at how the design on this wedding came together. Thanks for Pink Bowtie Events for choosing some incredible vendors to make my vision come alive. Photos by Whyman studios.

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